When Hustle’s Not Enough January 24, 2018 – Posted in: hustle – Tags: ,

Let’s all be real folks. We can’t all be millionaires.

There’s an old saying that in the gold rush the only people who got rich were the ones selling mining equipment. That couldn’t be much more true today. How many online coaches have you seen selling coaching services for hundreds of dollars per hour? How about online entrepreneurs selling “magic funnels” that will allow your business to make money while you sleep?

Ask yourself, if these people really had a funnel where they could make money while they sleep, wouldn’t they be using it and sleeping themselves? Of course they would, but they don’t, so they’re not. Instead they’re trying to talk you into paying them $1000 for a coaching session, online course, or live seminar in Hawaii.

Selling the Dream

These people are selling the dream. They know there’s enough desperate people out there who want to be free of their terrible bosses, or the horrible experience of not being rich, that they can sell enough of their snake oil to make a buck.

But don’t let these carpet baggers fool you. There’s no magic bullet, no special funnel, and no revolutionary product that is going to help you become a millionaire.

And whether you want to listen to Gary Vaynerchuk or not, no amount of hard work will guarantee that you’re successful either.

Billionaire Mark Cuban once said on Shark Tank:

“Being an Entrepreneur is working 80 hours a week for yourself for half the money instead of 40 hours a week for someone else for twice the money.”

Emphasis on the working twice as much part.

Making it Look Easy

Of course everyone selling you the dream wants it to look easy. They don’t want you to think it will be hard to use their solution to make you get rich. But building a business from scratch is not easy. Of course it takes hard work, but it often takes much more than that.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people who have worked their asses off and gotten rich because of it. Just don’t think that the hard work guarantees you will be successful.

For every one successful person who has started their own company, there’s at least another five that worked just as hard but failed. This isn’t to discourage you from trying, that’s the opposite of what we’re about here at HSTLR Wear. This is about making sure you don’t come down on yourself too hard when it doesn’t work out.

You can always pivot, try a new idea, try a new market, or get a new partner. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards. Be honest with yourself. If you haven’t worked hard enough, you know you can work harder and hopefully achieve your goals. But if you know you’ve worked hard and it hasn’t worked out, don’t take it personally. As they say, it’s just business.

“In the gold rush the only people who got rich were the ones selling mining equipment.”

Hustle Harder

I believe in the hustle. That’s why I started this clothing company. In my life experience, when I’ve worked hard I’ve been rewarded. When I’ve been lazy, I haven’t . More often than not hard work pays off. Larry Bird once said that when he was a kid he would stay outside practicing basketball for hours. Every time he wanted to go inside, he thought about how there might be one kid out there practicing 30 minutes longer than he was, so he would stay out for another hour to try and outlast that kid.

It’s largely the same when it comes to hustling for business. You have to willing to write one more blog post, create one more product, make one more cold call, or send one more email. Generally, going the extra mile pays off big time.

However, sometimes it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t, don’t let the online gurus make you feel like shit. As long as your honest with yourself, that’s the only thing that matters. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t work out and you have to move on.

Happy Hustling.